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10 Questions Asked

Dear visitor

You Asked 10 questions relating to this site, along with the responses Read experts. The following list is not in question, our experts are ready to answer your questions on the part of us are.

1 - for the purchase of the site should I register?

No, according to a policy of easy buying clothes j20 can you even call your clothes order. But given the many benefits that our customers can sign up for the latest news and information and awareness S·hvat in purchasing clothing and auction market in connection with future products, we recommend enrolling in less than 3 minutes on the site be.

2 - How do online shopping?

Shopping Guide to Shopping in detail how the site has been determined. But in short, you must first register with the desired goods does add to the basket and then through final payment of your order information is sent to us. Ultimately our partners will contact you after the match, and the amount of goods required to place your order is received.

3 - How do I pay for your order?

There are 2 ways to pay:

1 - Cash payment after receiving your goods in place (send by mail)

2 - Saman bank account or transferred to the card via a card, any card, bank account number is listed in the bank account

4 - How to send the goods to the cities is how?

After your order online and by phone to coordinate the distribution of clothing selling for twenty Jay, you are looking for items sent via freight, and cargo will be delivered to the destination city. Or by mail are sent home.

5 - What is the cost of goods?

Sent via the Cargo: The Board requested that the maximum amount of the tariff and not the buyer is responsible for more than 15,000 USD.

Submitted by the Company, the Company's cost through the tariff.

6 - How long does it take to order goods to reach me?

This time, according to the type of goods and inventory, and the cities, usually from one day to four days after the order takes.

7 - Do not buy from this site is secure?

Commercial production and distribution of clothing and mystics J. Twenty religiously obliged to send goods quickly and impeccable customer choice and ensuring business is as follows:

Organization registered in the database (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance)

I registered in the electronic database (Ministry of Industry and Commerce)

Registered on the website links (affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance)

8 - quality clothing items is J20?

All products from the brands and apparel dj twenty Tvlydyhay selects valid and recognized internal and external. Products are approved by our customers and reputable institutions, quality control and warranty and replacement of all items have been given for the garments are twenty Jay.

9 - Do you need to order the call and know I can live with j20 apparel?

No - after a day at peak hours and non-office hours at the earliest opportunity, the garment will contact you to Jay twenty coordination required to post stuff done.

10 - In terms of price, what advantage there is in store for J20?

According to the policy of direct supply of goods and eliminating intermediaries, all products are completely direct, first hand, and below market price and low price is guaranteed.

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